3D Engineering Animation – Delivering an extended reality experience for tradeshow visitors

By February 27, 2020 March 12th, 2020 Blog

3D Engineering Animation – Delivering an extended reality experience for tradeshow visitors

By February 27, 2020 March 12th, 2020
Extended reality experience with 3D Animation

Tradeshows have evolved over the years. They have moved beyond just regular product displays, standees and brochures at a convention center. Technology is increasingly propelling the tradeshow industry to new heights with significant improvements in visual presentation tools.

How tradeshows are evolving using technology

The main purpose of trade show events has always been to showcase a wide variety of product options and present networking opportunities for attendees and exhibitors to engage and interact with each other.

Businesses require well-designed trade show booths that will draw the attention of visitors and leave an impression that will last for months. Moreover, tradeshow marketing demands a steep price tag right from renting space, designing the booth, traveling to and from the show, paying for accommodation, etc. Naturally, the ROI has to be justified in terms of sales conversions.

The power of visual technology

With digital innovation, visual content has been creating more impact on booths and stalls vis-à-vis written content or static displays. Visual content, especially in the form of videos, has the power to create experiences that are seamless for both sales teams and booth visitors and can offer information in a much-simplified manner. There are many studies that have shown the effectiveness and impact of incorporating videos in the trade show marketing strategy. As per internet research firm ComScore, the number of web users who watch video is enormous and ever-growing. Approximately 200 million people in the US watch and consume online video. Globally the number is far more expansive. This means the video is a great medium that can be leveraged to promote a company’s products at trade shows before, during, and after the event.

Explainer videos are a fantastic way to hook new viewers and explain a complicated product. Video marketing can lend your company an edge by creating product awareness, attracting booth traffic and securing more sales. On average, trade show attendees spend over eight hours filtering in and out of various booths. While eight hours may seem like a considerable amount of time, sometimes large trade shows accommodate more than 800 exhibitors. This means your booth has to stand out in order to retain the attention of visitors.

Rise of 3D engineering animation

In the recent past, audiovisual technology has proved to be one of the best ways to attract visitors to trade shows. Trade show attendees want to be enticed and fascinated by booths, and video is an effective technology in doing both. One audiovisual technology that is creating a major impact is 3D engineering animation that can graphically simplify complex concepts and manufacturing processes, which otherwise are difficult to visualize.

3D engineering animation has the power to give your displays an impressive edge and to help them stand out among competitors’ booths. These animations can dramatize complex information through the use of exciting graphics and visuals. It is, therefore, a great business idea to leverage this technology to improve marketing and sales strategies at trade shows.

3D engineering animation delivering extended reality experience

Engineering animation videos help you create a memorable experience for attendees, engage them and share your brand’s story. Most importantly, 3D engineering animation delivers an extended reality experience. Extended reality is a broad term that encompasses virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality.

These videos are created by engineers and other trained experts who have the exact knowledge of how to leverage the core capabilities of modern emerging technologies like AR and VR to deliver an extended reality experience. These videos are done based on actual drawings and are made to scale. These videos allow viewers to travel to places where it may not be possible to physically visit, for instance, manufacturing facilities in far off locations, areas that may be hazardous to visit in a manufacturing plant.

3D engineering animation videos have the ability to build an extended digital reality experience that immerses and engages visitors. In other words, these videos can transport attendees to your warehouse, sales floor, production facility and beyond. You can showcase levels of detail about your product, which may never have been possible.

3D engineering animation videos are an incredible tool to provide visitors with an opportunity to gain new experiences and be in places where they are unable to be at a specific moment of time. 3D engineering animation augments the existing physical environment by enriching it with graphics, video, sounds, and other data. Through an extended reality experience, these videos help eliminate distance barriers and language barriers. Through 3D product animation videos, trade show visitors can gain valuable insights that they are unlikely to get from just viewing physical products or facilities.

With these videos, you can actually bring any of your products to life on the trade show floor. There is no need to go through the logistical requisites of bringing large, heavy, and expensive products to every trade show. Also, the extended reality experience allows your potential customers to examine all facets of the product—rotating it 360 degrees. This way they can weigh the advantages of your products against the alternatives, learning about the advancements you’ve made, and why your products are the best choices.


3D Engineering animation videos with their visual appeal can attract more attendees to your booths. They can provide your visitors with new ways to experience your brand and try your products.

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