6-Ways to Nail Trade Show Marketing using 3D Engineering Animation

By February 20, 2020 March 16th, 2020 Blog

6-Ways to Nail Trade Show Marketing using 3D Engineering Animation

By February 20, 2020 March 16th, 2020
Nail Trade Show Marketing

Trade shows are prevalent across industries and specifically popular with stakeholders in the engineering and manufacturing sectors. Various manufacturers showcase their products at trade shows and most of them have a common concern, what different do I do this time?

If you are a marketing manager coordinating for the trade show, then your concerns would be like –

  • What amount of money do I need to invest in a trade show?
  • How many people do I have to coordinate with in order to participate in a trade show?
  • What kind of a booth should I have this time?
  • Will the booth attract people and engage visitors?
  • What if I don’t get a good response at the trade fair? How will I be able to justify the ROI?

What if someone gives you a magic wand and your Trade Show Marketing concerns disappear.

Have you tried leveraging 3D engineering animation?

With 3D Engineering Animation, you can graphically simplify complicated concepts and convey complex manufacturing processes, which otherwise are difficult to visualize.

So, if you have a trade show coming up, as a part of your marketing plans then, here are 6-ways to nail trade show marketing using mechanical 3D engineering animation

Create an engaging demo with technical animations

Imagine yourself giving a demo of static machinery placed in front of you vis-a-vis its 3D animation representation. Which one would be more engaging? The latter, for sure. It helps your potential clients in assessing and understanding your products well.

Build a sales pipeline with 3D Product Animations

A 3D animation provides more than just visual representation. It provides an experience of the product being showcased. Hence, 3D Product Animations attracts more footfalls in the booth, by the virtue of creating more interest and thereby building a massive sales pipeline.

Target new customers with eye-catching 3D engineering animation

Who doesn’t want to target new customers? By providing the visitors with an opportunity to have a thorough understanding of your set-up via 3D engineering animation, you make a smart move to entice new customers towards your booth.

Build brand awareness with attractive 3D Animated videos

If you are a new player in the market and you want to ensure that your marketing efforts don’t go in vain, then engineering animation can help you achieve that objective with ease.

Imagine your booth displaying a 3D animated video on a big screen versus the other trade show booth owners who have their bulky machinery, almost similar looking, kept on one side of their booths. Who would have a higher recall?

The animated one, right? You can easily stand out from the rest of the crowd by choosing to go with 3D technical animation.

Launch new product using 3D Product Animation

Trade shows are the best platforms to launch a new product. It’s simple logic, thousands of probable future clients gather at one place and who would want to miss that opportunity. But here we are talking about making an impact by not only letting people know what your product does but also showing them virtually, how it works using 3D Product Animation.

Get better ROI on Trade Show Marketing

The cost of using a 3D engineering animated video in the trade shows is way less than getting the actual product to the trade show. The reason is simple: the marketing investment reduces drastically because you don’t have to incur the costs related to shipping the product to and fro from the venue.

3D animation-based videos are a cost-effective solution as compared to placing your entire products/machinery at the booth. Plus, you don’t need specialized and trained people to do the explanation of your product offerings, the videos are self-explanatory. Also, your salespeople end up spending less time explaining the product and are able to achieve conversions faster.

Now that you know how amazing 3D engineering animation can be for trade shows, do get in touch with us for your requirements at sales@eaxps.com

About EAXPS:

EAXPS is a 3D Technical Animation Company and we specialize in creating future-forward experiences with virtual 3D Engineering Animation. Our strong engineering domain expertise, backed by well-equipped infrastructure helps us deliver technical animations, far beyond customer expectations.

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