Things to consider while doing booth design for tradeshows and using 3D product animations effectively

By February 26, 2020 March 18th, 2020 Blog

Things to consider while doing booth design for tradeshows and using 3D product animations effectively

By February 26, 2020 March 18th, 2020
3D Product Animation For Trade Show

Trade shows are a great way to connect with new audiences and make an impression. However, companies do spend much money on booths and sponsorships, and it is essential to make the most of your booth presence. What are some of the things you should consider while doing booth design for tradeshows?

Having an appealing booth design is crucial for capturing the attention of visitors. Several times, the way booths are designed speaks volumes about the brand. So it is essential to get it right, yet have enough to bring in the crowds.

In this post, we discuss some of the design elements that help in attracting visitors to your booth.

1. Make your booth interactive

Attendees want to be participants and try things out themselves. Include a touch screen monitor or tablet so visitors can browse through your products or services. Engage them in something relevant, some statistics, some videos, some quiz, some contest, etc.

2. Use of Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual and augmented reality offers a real-life experience to your attendees. These tools are excellent for demonstrations. So, you could use VR headsets for a product demo and enable attendees to interact with your products and give a more realistic and engaging experience.

Augmented reality is a perfect tool for brands whose products are heavy and difficult to carry at a trade show. AR uses a detailed highly realistic 3D model of a product and gets your visitors to interact with your display in an innovative way.

Visitors can test different features of the product and look at it from different angles. Thus, AR makes your product demo much more appealing and gives a personal experience to your attendees.

3. Leverage 3D Product Animations

  • An eye-catching 3D animation will give a facelift to your booth design. It will not only excite attendees but also enrich your message and bolster your brand.
  • 3D product animation can showcase every detail of your product and its working process using fluid motion and dynamic graphics, highlighting the product’s key features and benefits. This creates a wow factor among the visitors
  • Make the future, possible today: 3D engineering animation can showcase the details of even upcoming products with all the latest inventions and improvements. This reduces the burden of salespersons and enables them to showcase their products and discuss only innovations and advantages.
  • Make your products portable: 3D technical animation can showcase the actions/movements of large products that are very heavy and expensive to carry at a trade show. This reduces your budget and makes viewers understand the relevant aspects of your products.

4. Use of Motion Graphics / Interactive content

Motion graphics or animated infographics will inform and educate attendees about your products with easy to follow and interesting infographics. Visitors will be engaged with and excited by the experience of motion graphics.

5. WebXR – Extended Reality Experience

WebXR is designed to communicate with the product features when visitors are having immersive experience in VR and AR. WebXR tracks the location, orientation, and motion of the individual device components which represent parts of the user’s body.

This will surely attract visitors to your booth and enables you to convert them as your customer.

6. Artificial Intelligence

 Artificial Intelligence can supplement your booth staff. People like to interact with AI chatbots as conversations can become more interesting and intuitive. Thus it can draw several attendees at your booth.

AI can save your time in welcoming attendees at your booth. It can work as a virtual sales assistant and generate the most potential leads. This way AI will stand out your booth design from the crowd.

7. Games and Contests

Conducting games and competitions at your booth is a fun way to attract the audience at your booth as people love to participate in games and win some prizes. Reward participants with prizes and sweepstakes, these activities will stand you out from other booths.

8. Bold design to stand out

  • CGI Graphics

Graphics convey your messages in a visual way. So, add quality visuals to convey experience, expertise, and reliability. Excellent CGI graphics helps visitors to make judgments.

Select more reserved colors to give a professional look and create an inviting environment. Touch your customer pain points through your display and graphics. This will make a huge impact and increase the footfall of visitors in your booth.

  • Videos

Video presentations are an effective way to get your message across at a trade show. Include a short engaging video and feature your newest products.

Visitors always look for product information and learn something new. Explain how your product or service makes their life better. This will attract people to your booth.

  • Lighting

Good lighting is key in getting your booth noticed by passers-by. Use LED spotlights around the edge of your graphics to draw the attention of visitors. Either use warm or cool lights in the booth to make it more attractive. Use lights that seem natural in texture.

  • Colors

 Colors play a vital role in increasing footfalls at your booth. Different industries use different colors. But it is advisable to select colors that soothe the eye and help the audience associating your booth design to your product. Do not use more than 3 colors.

  • Optimally use your booth space

 Visitors prefer the booth where they can walk through your booth comfortably. So, use booth space wisely. Have a place to sit conveniently for quick meetings with prospects. Thus, properly planned space can actually stand out your booth design from competitors.


Attracting visitors at your booth is possible by appealing booth design. It allows making the first impression with your visitors else they will walk away.

Implement the above design elements in your trade show booth design. This will differentiate your booth and grab the attention of visitors.

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