Boxed in during Lockdown? Think Out-of-the-Box!

By May 27, 2020 Blog

Boxed in during Lockdown? Think Out-of-the-Box!

By May 27, 2020
3D Engineering Animation

When the going gets really tough, even the toughest are forced to sit at home. Well, that’s what a microscopic organism the – Corona Virus – has achieved. But it is not for nothing they are the tough ones – and there possibly could not be many who are tougher than industrial B2B marketers – hardcore professionals. So how long do the tough ones remain boxed in? Not for too long because they also think out of the box. And there are enough tools of technology to assist the process.

The most common tool is of course the good old presentation. That’s how conversations really move forward after the ice-breaking part is over. But seriously, how much more a plain vanilla presentation can help that is already not covered by the brochure or even the website? That’s where the 3D Engineering Animations come into the picture – or more appropriately, set the whole picture in motion, with a 360° view, not just an object or a machine, but the entire working stripped down to the last part of the process that takes in the raw materials from one end and delivers the finished product from the other.

Nothing is beyond the scope of a well-crafted 3D Engineering Animation produced by experts with a whopping 500 man-years of combined experience, which is what EAXPS is! Precise and real-life simulation for marketing and sales presentations bring alive the actual machine on the screen, with the Sales Engineer explaining the nuances, clarifying doubts, filling in the details. Any sales pitch in such a situation is actually a follow-up, the basic product, component, or machine is known to the user. An upgrade here or a modification there is what it is all about. Or it could be installation and commissioning. In either case, the devil is in the details and the details are best explained in 3D animated graphics, turning the object or machine on its sides and even inverting it upside down.

When it comes to maintenance aspects and sale of consumables, an actual demonstration of how a lubricant or additive works for example – with the effects of friction or corrosion and the consequences there of brought out vividly in their disastrous details – hammer the point home without much effort. Or it could be the replacement of a critical component that is not easy to access and needs special tools – where a practical demonstration simplifies the procedure. These are things possible only with such 3D Animation graphical animation on screen – just as in real life, an EAXPS specialization.

In the hands of a seasoned marketing person, a 3D engineering animation is like the hat of a magician – one can pull the rabbit of a successful deal out of it – all from the comforts of the home while following the lockdown restrictions down to the T. So let the professionals at EAXPS worry about the finer aspects of how the magic works, and watch the Sales Engineer just pull the rabbit out successfully!

After all, one cannot allow a microscopic organism to shut everything down. The show must go on, with a little bit of imagination.

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