Creative Ideas to Attract More Booth Visitors at Trade shows – With 3D Engineering Animations

By February 10, 2020 March 12th, 2020 Blog

Creative Ideas to Attract More Booth Visitors at Trade shows – With 3D Engineering Animations

By February 10, 2020 March 12th, 2020
Attract Trade shows Visitors With 3D Engineering Animations

Trade shows are an excellent way for companies to showcase products and connect personally with existing as well as new clients. Trade shows are quintessential platforms for people to network and help businesses increase their clout, engage with customers, and generate buzz about their products or services.

In fact, a study had revealed that about 4 out of every 5 trade show attendees have some form of buying power within their company. Additionally, 77% of surveyed executive decision makers found at least one new supplier at their last trade show.

In short, trade shows are essential to make strong business connections. However, it is not easy to get people to visit your booth at tradeshows. The average exhibition attendee spends over 8 hours looking at exhibits. With several booths to visit, you may have a small window to make a lasting impression on the visitors. This means your booth concept must be creative to catch visitors’ attention and, more importantly, hold it too.

Here are some creative trade show marketing ideas to attract more visitors to your booth at tradeshows while elevating your brand above competitors.

1. Impress with stunning 3D engineering animation visuals

Tradeshow, visitors are keen to know about the latest happenings in their field. Thus, trade shows give an excellent opportunity to introduce your products. Unfortunately, there are many others like you who are also toiling equally hard to attract visitors to their booth. So, while you could hand out product pamphlets or other collaterals, they may not be that impactful in driving potential customers to your booth.

A more striking idea could be, use of projector screens that can play eye-catching 3D animation about your products/services at your booth. These could be used to showcase your product features.

2. Brief through 3D product animations

Sometimes it may be tough to explain information about products and services pleasantly and briefly, especially in trade shows. This is where 3D product animation can contribute to bring customers to your booth and keep them interested long enough to know the full story of your product. 3D informational animations can consistently present your ideas, ensuring that no details are left out. This way, you have more chances of influencing your potential customers.

3. Offer interactive content

An effective way to keep trade show visitors engaged is to offer them an interactive experience at your booth. One way to do so is to put your 3D product animation on a tablet or a large touch screen and encourage booth visitors to interact with it at their own pace. Once you have engaged a potential customer with this, you can then add in your sales pitch or even hand out printed materials to keep your content fresh in their minds.

4. Tell a story with fantastic engineering animation visuals

At trade shows, visitors have already spent hours, sometimes even days, looking at exhibits. There is a likelihood that many of them are experiencing trade show fatigue and won’t remember half of what they have seen. You need to offer something unique that will help them remember you. With impressive 3D animation display visuals, you can tell your story without needing to say a word. In fact, this way, even if your staff is busy, visitors can hear your story through the visuals. All product features can be explained without the need for a physical product, saving considerable amounts in bigger booths and logistics.

5. Leverage Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) to enhance products

Another great idea to impress visitors is to use CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery) and make your product look state-of-the-art. These images can be used in presentations, brochures or standees/panels at the booth. They do a great job in attracting customers to your booth with eye-catching displays and enhance the perceived value of your product.

6. Create extended reality experiences with WebXR

You can also use the latest immersive technologies like WebXR to create 360-degree image-based, extended reality experiences that can be accessed through a web browser. WebXR can be used to demonstrate products, processes, services, and concepts effectively. You can make the experience more interactive and in-depth for your visitors by offering hotspots and interaction avenues. WebXR can be natively installed and demonstrated using a PC/Laptop. They can also be mirrored on a touch screen LED display or a kiosk to provide a real-life walkthrough experience.


No matter what product you are pitching at your next trade show, EAXPS can help you impress! EAXPS is a 3D Product Animation Company that specializes in creating future-forward experiences with virtual 3D engineering animations. Talk to us today!

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