Do Not Let ‘No Show’ Translate into ‘No Sale’

By June 1, 2020 Blog

Do Not Let ‘No Show’ Translate into ‘No Sale’

By June 1, 2020
3D Engineering Animation

With the Covid-19 pandemic causing havoc across the world, the thriving trade fairs industry has come to a grinding halt, upsetting carefully prepared plans and strategies of technology companies for new product launches and networking opportunities. Global trade fairs like the Hannover Messe are annual tech jamborees for professionals from the world of engineering. After all, it is not just about meeting potential buyers, but also familiarising the dealer network about the new launches – something that a trade fair brings together under one roof – a unique experience. Besides there is that lost opportunity of millions of dollars of sales and partnership deals organizers are so proudly flaunting in their post-show releases.

Vendor companies cannot afford to sit and wait for the crisis to blow over for the simple fact that nobody really knows when it is going to end. With some sort of control achieved against the uncontrolled spread of the virus with measures like the tough lockdown, governments across the world are gradually opening up industries beyond the essentials and this is the time to make good the opportunities lost due to cancellations of the trade shows. For a fraction of the budget normally allocated for a trade event, companies can now create a virtual trade show of their own, with professional help.

Enter EAXPS – a team of engineering animation experts providing professional services in 3D Engineering Animation. For years now, EAXPS has enlivened the booths at countless exhibitions for clients with exciting 3D presentations of sophisticated machines and complex processes on a large screen, attracting visitor attention. EAXPS has now taken this a notch higher, in response to the lockdown that has led to the cancellation of events – a Virtual Booth that can be a standalone presentation or can even become part of an online virtual trade show platform. With the advent of newer technologies, virtual booths for companies are even more realistic with high-resolution graphics facilitated by CGI (computer-generated imagery). The display is also interactive, with the immersive experience enabled by WebXR, for that incredible walkthrough experience.

While no amount of sophistication can match the actual ambiance of a live trade show with all the bells and whistles, on the flip side the biggest advantage presented by the lockdown is perhaps the opportunity of getting the undivided attention of your target audience through such an exciting visual experience. The experienced EAXPS team can recreate the actual working of the machines or demonstrate the maintenance aspects through detailed 3D engineering animation. The Virtual Booth is also free from the constraints of the limited days and hours of the real exhibition – it is a permanent exhibit that can be presented at the most convenient time to the target customer, without the distraction of thronging crowds at a live show. In the hands of your articulate executives at hand to pause the presentation and clarify doubts, if any, this will be an invaluable addition to the digital library of the company – a permanent asset.


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