How 3D Engineering Animation Can Engage and Entice Trade Show Visitors

By February 2, 2020 March 12th, 2020 Blog

How 3D Engineering Animation Can Engage and Entice Trade Show Visitors

By February 2, 2020 March 12th, 2020
3D Engineering Animation for trade shows

Trade shows are one of the most effective and efficient ways for businesses to showcase and sell their products. Today, as marketing has moved increasingly into the digital space, the trade show game has changed in some ways.

One such game-changer is the advent of immersive technology like 3D engineering animation. Engineering animations can excite attendees at trade shows while drawing larger crowds. They also go a long way in enriching your message, bolstering your brand and supporting your sales team.

Here are a few ways in which 3D animation can help you win over customers at trade shows and bring in more conversions:

3D engineering animation can make your products stand out like never before

3D Engineering animations can graphically simplify complex concepts and manufacturing processes, which otherwise are difficult to visualize. They have the power to give your displays the wow-factor and to help them stand out among competitors’ booths. These animations can help dramatize tedious information through the use of exciting graphics and visuals. It is, therefore, a great business idea to leverage this technology to improve marketing and sales strategies at trade shows.

3D engineering animation can enhance product details

Sometimes products may be complex with many moving parts. A complicated technical explanation may be required for key processes. 3D engineering animation can help you create videos that let your viewers visualize exactly how the products work. This works very well especially to showcase an internal process that would otherwise happen too fast to see in detail or even be invisible to the human eye.

animation helps you cut on transport cost

It is not always feasible to transport your products to the location of the trade show. You may require a semi-truck, forklift or crane. Sometimes it may be extremely expensive to move the product to the trade show area. It is also possible that your booth may be too small to house your product. 3D product animation can help you reduce your logistics costs majorly. Through visuals, you can display to your audiences what your product does, how it looks in action, what its process intricacies are without actually having the product around. This way, your visitors can engage with the relevant aspects of the products without having to wait for a guided tour by a member of your booth staff.

3D engineering animation makes it possible to demonstrate futuristic products

With 3D engineering animation, you can showcase a product that has not been built, demonstrate a futuristic product and increase customer engagements. When you are constantly looking for innovations, it is possible that sometimes the products you want trade show attendees to see may not be in their finished forms. You can encourage your potential customers to consider purchasing the products even though a physical prototype may not exist yet. 3D animation lets you bring your latest ideas to life on screen and give your visitors the key information they need to make decisions.

3D technical animation helps you cut through language barriers

Trade shows could be held in any part of the world with participants converging from different countries. Disseminating information about products to every visitor could be a hassle considering there could be several language barriers. 3D engineering animation provides great support to your sales team as they would not be required to memorize all the information about your products. The language would also not be an issue. Instead, the team would be able to talk through the innovations using the power of 3D technical animation. Visuals will also increase the memorability of the product features.

3D engineering animation can ensure uniform product information

Your sales teams may find it tough to give out uniform information about the product each time to different groups of visitors. It is possible that some information may be left out or there may be gaps in the explanation. By showing visitors animated 3D videos, sales teams can help them better understand the products, its key specifications & major features. This will also allow attendees to ask more detailed questions and better understand the responses.


3D engineering animation is a robust tool to make a lasting impact at trade shows and help your business reach the skies. EAXPS is a 3D animation company that specializes in creating future-forward experiences with virtual 3D engineering animations. Talk to us today! Reach us on

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