How Technology Can Help During the Covid-19 Crisis?

By April 21, 2020 April 22nd, 2020 Blog

How Technology Can Help During the Covid-19 Crisis?

By April 21, 2020 April 22nd, 2020
3D Engineering Animation

“If you want to talk, you don’t have to walk”.

That was a brilliant tagline by well-known adman Mohammed Khan for the Superphone intercom in 1978 that facilitated inter-office communication. It was yet another example of putting technology to use. With the airlines shut down and shuttling between cities and continents coming to an abrupt halt due to the present crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are once again relying on technology to keep going. The crisis forced Deutsche Messe, organizers of the world’s leading technology event Hannover Messe, to cancel the show for the first time in the exhibition’s 73 year history, on the advice of Germany’s health authorities led by the Robert Koch Institute. Originally scheduled for late April, it was first postponed to mid-July before announcing the cancellation. This is not the only exhibition that has been postponed or cancelled – almost all international and national events have met a similar fate.

So what happens to all the new products and technologies and upgrades that were ready to debut at Hannover Messe 2020 from over 6000 companies worldwide? The annual technovaganza in recent years has attracted an average between 110,000-120,000 visitors, nearly half of them from outside Europe. These companies still need to show them to their customers worldwide. It is here that technology again provides a solution.

Even as a live exhibition is the best place for vendors and user industries to meet and interact, today one does not have to travel to check a piece of equipment when technology facilitates a 3D presentation of the same from all angles, and cross-sections of the internal working parts.

With the product specialist available for live chat to elaborate upon the many features and intricacies of the product or process, the experience is close enough to visit an actual booth at the exhibition. Even Deutsche Messe is now working on a digital information and networking platform for the exhibitors, for online exhibitor and product search that shall enable visitors and exhibitors to contact each other directly.

This is a big opportunity for all stakeholders as ‘Work From Home’ has become the norm during the lockdown imposed by most countries across the world. With the COVID-19 crisis still posing a serious threat with the number of those testing positive and the death count increasing daily, it is anybody’s guess how long the lockdown lasts.

The best course of action for all the exhibiting companies is to make 3D Engineering Animation of products and processes show the actual working of the devices and plants in a virtual environment. In the process, a couple of old adages are also tested live – ‘seeing is believing’ for one, the other being ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. In fact in the case of the latter one can confidently say that if a picture is worth a thousand words, an animation video represents millions of words in explanation.

With professional expertise available, manufacturers can now get 3D Engineering Animation made for all products and processes and depict the actual working virtually, going beyond the scope of a visit to the exhibition or even a plant visit, where it is not possible to see what is happening at those places that are inaccessible. Even a complex product can be dismantled to its smallest component and the assembly shown part by part, down to the last bolt and nut, with the proper sequence of disassembly and assembly. A process that is spread across the plant at several locations can be shown with graphical continuity with all the materials flows, hazardous locations, control rooms, etc., the whole thing vividly clear in all its intricacies. In the process this simplifies the many complexities of the process, breaking it down to the last detail, enabling a back and forth movement to enable complete understanding. It also makes the whole thing interesting as technology can be boring when it is not comprehensive.

To sum up, 3D Engineering Animation brings the following benefits:

  • Makes an ideal presentation of a product of process for the benefit of customers
  • Adds a suitable sales pitch explaining the complete process details with advantages
  • Overcomes the present handicap of cancellation of events and exhibitions due to Covid-19 crisis
  • Facilitates contact with many more potential customers beyond the confines of the booth at the exhibition, and
  • Saves on travel costs and logistics expenses.

So time to walk the talk. Because today, this is even easier: “If you want to talk, you don’t have to walk”.

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