Working from Home: Using 3D Technical Animations to Engage Prospects

By April 23, 2020 Blog

Working from Home: Using 3D Technical Animations to Engage Prospects

By April 23, 2020

In the current technology-enabled, advanced, and globalized society, you can leverage robust tools that enable you to demonstrate products and processes effectively. Especially for sales teams across industrial manufacturing companies, there are several tools that businesses can leverage to ensure that salespeople can effectively showcase their products and equipment even while working from home and continue their sales pursuits. Sales professionals can now conduct meetings, deliver product presentations, and close deals without having to leave their homes. 3D animated videos can enable your salespeople to do this very effectively. In the complex industrial manufacturing sales cycle, 3D technical animation services can enable sales teams working from home to engage with prospects effectively and continue their sales pursuits.

What do You Need to Enable Your Sales Teams to Engage Prospects Remotely?

For your sales team to engage prospects remotely, you need 3D technical animation services, computer-generated images , and web-based reality experience like WebXR that creates 360-degree image-based reality.

By accessing 3D technical animation services from an established company like EAXPS, you can create 3D animated videos for your products. Regardless of the complexity of the process and features of your products, 3D animated videos can open-up your products virtually and make complex features and functionalities very simple and self-explanatory. Additionally, with the robust CGI solutions to generate high-resolution rendered images of your technical industrial products you can make them look state-of-the-art and enhance its perceived value. Using 3D Animations, you can deliver precise videos that depict how your products address specific needs in real-life situations. This can help prospects connect with the products instantly. To enhance the experience and demonstrate your complex products more effectively, you can also leverage WebXR that offers 360-degree reality experience.

How can Salespeople use 3D Technical Animations to Engage Prospects Remotely?

At any given point in time, your sales teams have several ongoing sales opportunities where prospects have either shown interest, or the salesperson has conducted the first or second meeting. Most importantly, preliminary meetings yield actionable data, such as the contacts of all the prospects. In this case, your sales teams can use 3D product animation videos, rendered images, and 360-degree experience to advance the sales process and highlight how the product addresses specific needs of the prospects very effectively using realistic imagery and animations that depict real-life situations without the need for members of your sales teams to meet prospects in person. Applications like WebXR not only demonstrate complex industrial products more effectively but also allow for quick and easy understanding of the products or engineered equipments. This is because the 360-degree images can be accessed through a web browser and demonstrated using a PC, Laptop, or Mobile since it can be natively installed. Using these solutions, your salespeople can influence the purchasing decision of your prospects.

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